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 Holistic Center 
Our Mission
 To bridge the gap between conventional medicine and alternative therapies.

Our Vision
We assist people by focusing on the multifaceted aspects of their being, this provides a longer-lasting healthy lifestyle. We feel that this is the future of health care.
 Yoga is now at a new location.
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        We offer​:
  •  Organic Salon- Using nontoxic hair and skin care products.

  •  Massage Therapy - Postural Realignment, Acute and Chronic Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, Prenatal, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Pre and Post Surgery therapy.

  •  CranioSomatic Therapy- For releasing neurological inhibitions that diminish muscle function.

  • Energy Work -  To address the underlying energetic cause of sub-health conditions. Attitudinal behavior patterns, energetic clearing, geopathic stress correction, and electrosmog remediation are a few of our specialties.

  • Holistic Counsel - To take a multifaceted look at your life and address imbalances.​​ 

  •  BEMER® sessions - To assist overall bodily functions.

  • Drum Circle Connections- For community unity.

Take the time to know our professionals and their services to assist you on your path in life towards wholeness.

Please arrive fragrance free for chemically sensitive individuals

We are a chemical free environment using only natural and effective disinfectants​ such as Pure Green 24 


Free Cranial Evaluation With Stephen D'Andrea (a $60 Value) 
The Cranium is affecting every muscle in your body. 
CranioSomatic Therapy treats Neck, Shoulder & Lower Back Pain,Tennis Elbow, Bulging Discs,Nerve Entrapment and Rotator Cuff Injuries.
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