• Three, Half Hour Massages $90.00
  • Three One Hour Massages $175.00
  • Four One Hour Massages $240.00
  • Two Ninety Minute Massages $165.00
  • Three Ninety Minute Massages $255.00

Pre-Natal Massage

A real treat for expecting mothers.

Not recommended for the 1st trimester.
 Prenatal massage offers a wide range of benefits, which include the following:

• Eases backaches, headaches, shoulder and neck aches that may be caused by muscle tension and shifts in posture to accommodate increasing weight.
• Decreases pain in the pelvic/hip area.
• Increases circulation.
• Improves digestion.
• Reduces fatigue.
• Improves skin elasticity that can help reduce stretch marks.
• Helps reduce swelling in such places as hands and lower legs.
• Can alleviate the stress on weight-bearing joints, like the knees, which are impacted by the extra weight of a growing baby.
• Promotes relaxation and deep breathing. 
• Helps stabilize hormone levels by lessening anxiety.

30 Minutes $35.00
60 Minutes $65.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage

 30 Minutes $35.00
 60 Minutes $65.00
 90 Minutes $90.00
Annette Wirt
Licensed Massage Therapist
(MA# 43234)
Call  352-464-2874

"Hi, my name is Annette Wirt.  My family moved to Crystal River in the 1960s, so I've seen a lot of changes in the area, some better than others. 
 Pure Elements Holistic Center is one of the better things that has happened to this area.  
I've been a massage therapist since 2004 having decided I needed be paid for doing the thing I truly love. 
 I have worked for a local Chiropractor for over a decade, and I can't think of a better way to have gained the experience I need to get to the root of someone's aches and pains. 
 I hope to meet you here soon at the Center. " 
Swedish Massage

The main purpose of Swedish massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. 

Swedish massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes.

 It increases circulation without increasing heart load.
 It stretches the ligaments and tendons keeping them supple and pliable. 

Swedish massage also stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time.
 It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested in a regular program for stress management. 

It also has many specific medical uses.

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Therapeutic Massage
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Low Back Discomfort
  • Neck and Shoulder issues
  • Pain from Auto Accidents
  are your focus, then we can address those specific areas to bring them back into balance. 
 If  you choose Swedish and Therapeutic massage can be combined in the same session. 

 30 Minutes $35.00
 60 Minutes $65.00
 90 Minutes $90.00