Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage consists of a series of massage strokes, which are used to increase blood and lymph circulation. The strokes range from long and flowing, kneading, friction, and vibration to the quick, brief strokes of tapotement. Joint movements can be incorporated to increase the range of motion, stretch ligaments and tendons, and to reduce stiffness. Benefits include increased relaxation, decreased pain, and loosening of scar tissue. Cupping can be used over the chest area and upper back, to loosen phlegm and congestion, in order to reduce cold symptoms and to assist breathing. 

Connective Tissue Therapy
Connective tissue is located throughout the body and provides a continuous connection from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This tissue can become adhered and restricted, affecting the circulatory, nervous, lymphatic and the musculoskeletal systems. Using Connective Tissue Therapy, muscles are encouraged to relax by lengthening, spreading, and differentiating chronically shortened muscles, to increase range of motion and reduce pain. 

Neuromuscular Massage
Neuromuscular Massage is a form of deep tissue massage that works with trigger points associated with chronically contracted muscles. Trigger points feel like a knot located deep in the connective tissue of the muscle and are associated with localized tenderness. Areas of referred sensation may extend beyond the associated muscle. Pressure is applied to the trigger points within the muscle’s belly and tendons, which allows the whole muscle to relax and return to a healthy tensional state.

Sports Massage
Timing is an important aspect of Sports Massage, which combines pre & post event massage with recovery & maintenance massage sessions. Pre and post sports event massage uses specific techniques to increase circulation to flush waste products from overworked muscle tissue. This work is characterized by light and brisk movements, used to reduce muscle contraction and to speed up the recovery process. While an athlete is training for a sports event, maintenance massage is used to prevent injuries and to increase awareness of inefficient use patterns. This allows the athlete to train and compete in a pain free way. 

Additional Bodywork Offered:

Polarity Therapy
Polarity is a form of bodywork which uses light contact to no contact. The client remains fully clothed during the session. This method was developed by Randolph Stone who had a background in Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Naturopathy. Polarity helps awaken and balance the energetic fields that surround our bodies. The goal of Polarity is to release blockages in this energy field. Blockages can lead to disharmony and disease, which may be felt as headaches, stomach aches and various discomforts and ailments.

 Moist heat for the back, using hydrocollator packs, and hot stones and hot towels can be added, at your request.

1 Hour……...........$60.00
½ Hour…………..$35.00
1 Hour Massage Package (3 or more).…$50.00 per hour session
½ Hour Massage Package (3 or more)…$30.00 per ½ hour session

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​​Kimberly Ranshaw
Licensed Massage Therapist
MA# 56006
Call 352-586-2794

I attended the University of Michigan, and received a Bachelor degree from Michigan State University and a Master degree from Penn State University. 
I am a graduate from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, Florida and have been a massage therapist, in a private practice, since 2009. 
I recently moved from Sporting Health Club to relocate to the Pure Elements Holistic Center.
 I specialize in moderate to deep tissue therapy for the purpose of releasing tension and increasing range of motion.
 I often incorporate passive stretching, which compliments the massage, and helps return the affected muscles to their original ‘resting length’. 
Whether you’re healing from surgery, an accident, or just experiencing tension, I am confident that I can help you feel better.

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