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Nontoxic Hair Color, Pedicures, Facials and  Organic Makeup

We use eco friendly and nontoxic hair color, skin, and hair care products to offer a salon that is safe for you.

For an extensive look at some of the products we use and sell, refer to:
O Way (Organic Way) 
Zoya Nail polish
Zuii Makeup

If you were aware of the toxicity of commercial beauty products like we are, you would never use them. 

The chemicals used in those products are neuro- toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing).

We have even added water purifiers to ensure no chlorine toxicity and greater results from your treatment.

As always, arrive fragrance free. 100% pure essential oils are fine in moderation.

​Beauty care without the expense of your health.
​Therapeutic Pedicure.

Far from the traditional pedicure, we use nontoxic organic ingredients that effectively clean, support and hydrate the skin. 

Softening the rough spots on the tripod of the foot and nail maintenance coupled with a therapeutic massage, reflexology, color therapy, aromatherapy and  Medi-cupping provide an inside and out restoration of health to the tissues of the lower leg.

We start with a soak in purified water free from harmful chemicals.

Cleaning up of Callouses of the tripod of the foot and nail maintenance.

Next a gentle scrub.

Then a leg mask to draw toxins and nourish skin.

Followed by lower leg massage and reflexology to release tension in lower legs and feet.

Then a hydrating oil and medi-cupping to gently vacuum the skin lifting it to increase circulation.

We use medi-cupping to gently suction the skin around feet, lower legs up to the knees to greatly increase circulation by softening the tissues. 

Color application to the nails with water based nontoxic product.

This is great for diabetics with compromised peripheral circulation issues. 

Can also be a great treatment for edema and lymphatic issues.

Each session is customized for the needs of the individual.

65.00 For a session.(1.5 hrs)

 Call sherry at 352-220-0167
 if you have any questions about hair color and cut prices.
 Health Conscious Organic Salon 
​Salon Services 
For more information on setting an appointment to try the Zuii line to see what you like best before you buy call Sherry at 352-220-0167
Hair Care

We use O way (Organic way) and other organic non toxic skin care lines for all facials

Call Sherry 
352-220-0167 for pricing

Misstache $12

Brows $10

 Misstache and Brows $15

Full Face $45

 (Call sherry for more information) 352-220-0167
Face Makeup Consultation
Special $55 (Reg $75)
An advanced Facial designer will work with you to create a look of harmony, attractiveness and personal style using Zuii Certified Organic product line.