Holistic Center 
with Jim "Red Sky"

This journey begins with a gong “bath”. Participants will have the sounds of gongs wash over them. A “C” tuned gong (vibrating to OM) peeling away that which blocks us, centering us and opening the session, then an “F sharp” tuned gong (activating the thymus) to enhance immune capacity.

 After the gongs we experience the 8 chakra tuned singing crystal bowls with the addition of a sacred rattle and drum, chimes, bells, and more of the gongs for added dimension and depth of trance. 

The singing crystal bowls work to bring us to a deep state of relaxation which is known to be beneficial to our overall wellness plus, balancing us, and retuning our chakras allowing universal healing energies to flow smoothly and unobstructed.

 If music or the sounds of nature have ever affected your mood you have witnessed sound therapy at work and I believe this is a session you won’t want to miss. 

Please plan on devoting just over an hour for this event, dress comfortably and bring a mat. 

The fee for this session is $20.00. 

In Peace & Healing,
Red Sky

Private sessions are available for a more personally tuned experience. 
These session go much deeper as your energies are free to move in a more natural flow that is different from a group experience. 


CD's will be available soon to help you relax, revitalize, and spiritually develop. 

Send Jim an email to be put on the list for CD release announcements.

Contact Jim today at redskydrums@yahoo.com for scheduling
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