Imagine being able to resume normal life activities pain free! 

​Introducing CranioSomatic Therapy
The technique that releases most all body compensatory muscular dysfunction by unwinding the body's CORE distortion patterns.

This unwinding is an essential prerequisite for a long-lasting pain free lifestyle.

Basically, you can have multiple bodywork sessions of various modalities; yet, if the core distortion is still present, it can diminish the positive effects of all previous work! 
This can create never-ending trips back to the therapist for re-corrections.

CranioSomatic Therapy

The Benefits
Usually long-lasting
Increased range of motion
Improved performance
Reduction in pain and other symptoms

Who Can Benefit
Almost anyone who has aches and pains in muscles or joints 
Individuals with headaches or TMJ problems 
People with limited joint range-of-motion 
Athletes seeking to improve their performance 
Children with functional problems or developmental delays 
Any age group, from infants to super-seniors 
Individuals with a functional or idiopathic scoliosis 
People with a functional short leg and/or a tipped and rotated pelvis

Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply going about your typical work and recreational activities, CranioSomatic Therapy can dramatically improve your life.

Cranial Therapy concepts are an​ integrative and holistic approach to treating many common dysfunctional and painful conditions. 

Cranial Therapies primarily use cranial techniques to facilitate changes in the function of muscles, which helps the body’s whole structure shift into a more balanced and comfortable alignment. 

A practitioner uses his or her hands to gently improve the ranges of motion of the bones of the head and its very important attachments to your neck. 

The benefits can be demonstrated by evaluating the function of your muscles before and after treatment.

Check out these videos to see some demonstrations.
​​Stephen began studying and utilizing Cranial Therapy in 1989 and he has directly assisted Dr. Hancock as a clinical intern for over ten years in researching, developing and applying advanced CranioSomatic techniques. 
He received his Master’s Degree in Public Health in Epidemiology from the University of South Florida.

Professional Profile
Stephen D’Andrea has over twenty-three years of professional and academic massage experience. He is an innovative educator with a devotion to management, education, healing, and teaching. Stephen is an active member and past executive board member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and he lectures to businesses, schools, and health groups on timely health issues.

Mission Statement
To provide integrative therapeutic massage for the enhancement of health and well-being to health-minded people. I am dedicated to caring for my clients with compassionate and nurturing treatments to promote long lasting improvements in neuromuscular function and structural body balance. My success as a massage therapist is built on trust, expertise and professionalism, always putting the health and well-being of my clients first.

To provide my clients with a therapeutic massage in a safe, calming and professional environment where they can come and release tension, relieve pain and rejuvenate their bodies. My passion is to use my innovative treatment techniques to guide, motivate and inspire people to self-heal. I am an educator, performer and leader and am highly committed to my own personal growth and learning, having a personal perpetual curiosity to learn new things.

License & Certifications 
State of Florida, Licensed Massage Therapist # MA12450 (since January 1992) 
Structural Energetic Therapy, Certified SET Therapist, June 1995. 

Academic Education
 M.P.H. University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Master’s Degree in Public Health in Epidemiology

 600-hour Certification in Massage 
Suncoast School of Massage Therapy, Tampa, FL

 B.A. Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL
Business Management

Structural Bodywork

Sessions: 60 Min ($75) and 90 Min ($110)

Structural Bodywork is an efficient, effective, and long-lasting type of rehabilitation from acute and chronic pain and dysfunction. SET is a deep tissue, body restructuring therapy that incorporates massage techniques to improve posture, restore joint mobility and flexibility, soften scar tissue, and release muscular tension.

Structural imbalances are responsible for over 90% of our painful symptoms throughout the body and can cause varying degrees of limitation and dysfunction. The core distortion that is present in the developing fetus causes a rotation in the pelvis, a structural weight bearing weakness at the base of the spine, causing curvatures in the spine (scoliosis) and other compensations, weaknesses, and strain patterns in the body. Accidents, illnesses, stress, emotional challenges, injuries, and other life activities cause the body to collapse further into this distortion, resulting in pain and dysfunction. 

The SET process is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Stephen’s treatment begins with Cranial Therapy to initiate the release of the body’s misaligned postural patterns, which prepares the soft tissue for more extensive bodywork. He then massages the superficial myofascial layers and progresses to work the deeper fascial layers. As your structure integrates into balance and support, you will start to use your body more fully in your normal day-to-day activities. The result is improved muscle and skin tone, pain relief, increased energy, and improved mental outlook.

Stephen D'Andrea, LMT, MPH
Hancock CranioSomatic Institute
# MA12450 

Living in Southern California, I have access to
a large community of healers. However, I 
consistently fly across the country to see Steve.”  
R. Jacobson, Santa Monica, CA

“I had seen several different massage
 therapists in the past, but never 
experienced anything close to the long
term results that I received with Steve's treatments.”  
W. Wilson, Odessa, FL

“Steve's expertise, combining his deep tissue
 massage skills and cranial techniques make 
him uniquely qualified to help those of us like 
me who get into physical jams that require an 
expert to get us out!”
W. Long, Palmetto, FL

"My experience with Steve has been wonderful and I always look forward to my sessions with him. He has an uncanny ability to read what's really going on with the body. I highly recommend his services to everyone. His nurturing character and excellent skills make Steve a gifted healer and body tissue worker." 
Robert Jacobson, Santa Monica, CA

"I first came to see Steve at the advice of a friend in mid-2004. I had suffered from chronic debilitating migraines for the previous 10 years, as well as sporadic back pain. I went through a series of 10 consecutive treatments over the course of a few months and my life has never been the same. Migraines and back pain are now a thing of the past. And as a bonus, my posture has radically improved! I continue to see Steve as and when necessary for "tune ups", and have recommended him to all of my friends, even those without chronic health problems. I had not realized how out of balance I was until after the very first treatment, and then it was hard to imagine ever going back to feeling less than wonderful!"

"As a therapist, he is caring and compassionate, and I truly feel that he is as interested in my health as I am. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in their health and well-being."  
Wendy Wilson, Odessa, FL

"I have been a client of Steve’s massage practice for several years now. I was very pleased with Steve right from the start. He is on time for every appointment and has always bent over backwards to try to make his schedule flexible to include my changing needs. Once we meet, he takes his time making sure my physical situation gets improved in the best way possible. His carefully sculpted approach to the release of pain has helped me so much, and like no one else I know of, that I kid with Steve that I would be in a fix if he moved away, but it’s true."  
Walt Long, Palmetto, FL

CranioSomatic Therapy differs from Craniosacral.

Cranial Therapy is composed of several innovative and highly effective treatment procedures that can be used individually or in combination. They are: Functional CranioSomatics; CranioStructural Integration; and Facilitated Pathways Intervention.

• First, Cranial Therapy is a structural approach. The treatment focus is on improving movement in fascia, muscles and tendons, from the top of your head to your toes. 

• Second, Cranial Therapy is outcome-oriented. The primary objective is to relieve the pain and limitations you experience when your joints and muscles are restricted or do not function comfortably. Results that patients can see and feel very soon after treatment are always the goal. 

• Third, Cranial Therapy evaluations include the use of several techniques from Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing, therapy localization and challenge) for both pre-treatment evaluation and confirmation of results.

CranioSomatic Therapy

Sessions: 30 Min ($45), 60 Min ($65)
Protocol Package, 4 sessions ($230)

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